A Collection Of Reading Resources And Ideas

During my time on Twitter, through discussions with teacher friends, staff meetings, courses etc I have come across a myriad of resources and ideas that can be used to teach reading. This post is attempt to collect as many of them in one place in the hope that it may save other time. They are in no particular order and are by no means exhaustive.

  1.  Pobble 365  This is a fantastic FREE resource. If you go to the website, there is a new image each day. Along with the image are reading comprehension questions, writing ideas and SPAG activities. A superb one-stop-shop.
  2. Moving Beyond Comprehension Sheets This is an excellent resource created and kindly shared by the equally excellent Rhoda Wilson (@TemplarWilson). It provides lots of ideas for tasks you could deliver as part of your reading sessions. I’d highly recommend exploring her blog as there are lots of useful resources on there including reading units of work.
  3. Vocabulary Ninja The ninja firmly believes in the value of teaching vocabulary as part of teaching reading. If you subscribe to his blog, you will get a daily email with  a word of the day for KS1 and KS2. On the blog, there are also lots of other resources. Some are free, some cost.
  4. Literacy Shed The films on this website are great for practising inference skills. You can buy booklets of questions for many of the films if you don’t want to generate your own. The Literacy Shed Plus part of the site requires an annual subscription but has a wealth of reading resources based on films and quality texts.
  5. Planning A Week Of Reading This blog post by Ashley Booth (@MrBoothY6) explains how he plans a week of whole class reading especially how he weaves fiction and non-fiction together over the week which is very important to do. Ashley is definitely worth following on Twitter as he regularly shares ideas and resources that are useful for the teaching of reading.
  6. Jo Payne Jo ( @MrsPTeach) is the joint author of ‘Making Every Primary Lesson Count’ and her blog has lots of useful resources and ideas for teaching reading.
  7. Digging Deeper – Reading With Picture Books This is a superb blog by the guru of picture books, Simon Smith (@smithsmm). It is full of ideas for teaching reading using picture books.
  8. Inferring using snippets from a text. Provide the children with sentences taken from a piece of text. Discuss what the text might have been about. Then challenge them to reconstruct the text in their own way using the clues from the snippets.
  9. Provide the children with imaginary book titles. The children use them to create book covers and blurbs about the imaginary books. This was an idea shared by Andy Banks (@Baaaaanks).
  10. Guided Reading Question Stems A superb collection of reading questions stems covering each of the reading content domains created by Primary English Education Consultancy

I hope these resources and ideas are useful to you. It has certainly helped me to collect them all in one place.


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