Celebrity Online Safety

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I believe that online safety is the most important aspect of the computing curriculum and as such, should be taught regularly. The children at the school where I teach have a god working knowledge of online safety due to the efforts of all our staff.  I am always looking for creative ways to teach what can sometimes be a fairly dry topic.

On the Teaching Ideas website, there is a resource which contains nine different online safety scenarios that children may face and a question to test the children’s understanding of the scenario. This could be done via a group/paired/whole class discussion. I decided to do it a little differently.

I distributed the scenarios around the classroom and gave each pair of children an ipad. They discussed the advice they would give to the person in the scenario. They then collected images of their favourite celebrities into the ipad’s camera roll.

The next step was to create a Morfo of one of their celebrities using the app Morfo Booth (you need the paid version as the free one doesn’t let you save your work). The children then recorded themselves speaking as the celebrity giving the advice.


After that, they saved the Morfo to the ipad camera roll and moved onto the next scenario and chose a different celebrity to deliver the advice. When they had saved all nine Morfos onto the camera roll, they were ready for the final part of the task.

The children went into the iMovie app and dropped in the nine Morfo videos. They then added titles and a background sound track to create an online safety film presented by their favourite celebrities.


The children thoroughly enjoyed the task and were very careful about the advice their celebrities gave. I plan to show the films to a younger year group or post them on the school website.