Easy Ways To Use Google Forms

Google forms is a nifty piece of software that is free! It allows you to very quickly create online forms for people to complete. Usefully, the results are automatically collated into a spreadsheet for you. A form takes a few minutes to set up and you can choose the type of responses you want, from multiple choice to paragraphs. Once created, you can generate a link to the form for people to follow to fill it in.

There are many ways that Google forms could be used in school. Here, I will describe two ways.


Google forms can be used as an exit ticket at the start and then end of a lesson, unit of work. You can compare the two spreadsheets to give you information about attainment and progress. Forms works on any device – iPads and computers so vavailable equipment shouldn’t be a problem. You could always set up slightly different forms for different groups.

Pupil Voice

As a subject leader , this one of the tasks you are often required to carry out, the arguments about its value are for another post. I used to spend lots of of time trying to pin down (not literally) children to answer questions about my subject. Now, I set up a Google form. Once I have done this, I save a link to it in a place that children have access – shared network , Dropbox etc. I let the staff know it’s there and they get children to fill them in when there is an opportunity to do so. This way you are not disturbing lessons to take children out to interview them. All I need to do then is look at the spreadsheet that is automatically generated and, voila, I have my student voice information.



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