Using Padlet to Develop Global Links

image.pngPadlet is a fantastic piece of software that allows children to collaborate on a sort of virtual pin board where they can pin text, images, links etc. It is a free service and now comes as an app for IOS.

As a teacher it is simple to set up and account. Once this is set up, you can create padlets to share with your children. Each Padlet you create has a link which can be simplified in the settings to make it easier for children to type in. Alternatively, you could put the link in a Word document or Google Doc for the children to click on. If you want to, you can set a password for your Padlet so that only your class can access it.

There are many ways that you can use the padlets. I have used it to share ideas with another class in school about the same topic. I have also used it to publish children’s poetry. However, a really useful possibility is to use it for communicating with schools from around the world in order to improve children’s understanding of what life is like in other countries. Following my participation in a Twitter chat called #aussieED, I connected with an Australian primary teacher. We discussed how we could connect the children in our classes. The main problem was the time difference which ,want that Skype wouldn’t really work. We decided that I would set up a Padlet with some questions from my class about life in Australia. I them sent the link to my Australian colleague who shared it with her class so that they could answer the questions. My class were very excited to read the answers and it helped cure a couple of misconceptions about Australia. All in all it was a simple process which enabled us to connect effectively. Best of all, Padlet is free.