Apps That Children Can Use At Home For Practising Basic Skills

Following a request on Twitter by Michael Tidd (@MichaelT1979) for free apps that children can use at home to practise basic skills, I decided to have a think and hopefully come up with a useful list. Here goes :


Battle Times – Great free app for practising times tables and other basic maths skills. It is a two-player app. You can play cooperatively or against each other. (IOS only)

King of Maths – This app is free although there are in-app purchase options. It is useful for practising basic mental arithmetic with quick fire questions. (IOS and Android)

Sushi Monster – Free app for practising addition and multiplication facts. (IOS only)

Maths Flash Cards – Free app for practising multiplication facts through short bursts of drilling. (IOS and Android)


Spellfix – These are a suite of free apps from Alan Peat (@alanpeat) which cover a range of spelling patterns as well as the word lists for Y3-6. Children have to spell the words from clues. I have used these apps in class and the children are motivated by them. (IOS and Android)

Word Juice – This is another app from Alan Peat. It is useful for vocabulary building practice. Children have to make as many different words as possible from given letters. Every word must contain the letter in the middle of the orange. This app is now free. (IOS only)


Launchball  – not an app but a free game from the Science museum. Children are required to move a ball from where it enters the puzzle to a doorway somewhere else in the puzzle. There are a wide range of puzzles to complete, of increasing difficulty. The game covers basic science concepts such as heating/cooling, electricity, forces. This won’t work on tablets as it requires flash.

Coding/Programming Cargo Bot – Aimed at Upper Key Stage 2, this is a free app where children have to provide instructions to move coloured boxes in a series of ever more complicated puzzles. Very challenging but covers programming skills such as sequences, loops etc (think it is IOS only)

Kodable – Free app but with in-app purchases. This is a simpler coding app more suited to Year 2/Lower Key Stage 2. There is enough in the free version to keep the children working for a considerable amount of time. (IOS and Android)

Hopscotch – Another excellent free coding app that enables children to practise a range of coding skills. This can be done either through children creating their own projects or working on projects created by others. It uses drag and drop block coding that KS2 children should be familiar with. (IOS only)

As well as these apps, there are plenty of apps in that cost a small amount. Hope you ind this list useful. I would advise you to visit Lee Parkinson’s blog for lots of great ideas about how to use a wide variety of apps.