Interactive E-Safety Posters

I have been thinking about how to assess children’s knowledge of E-Safety this week. As a school we teach E-Safety on a regular basis as well as taking part in one-off events such as Safer Internet Day. As the year has progressed, I have had the impression that the Key Stage 2 children I teach E-Safety to have become more confident in their knowledge of how to stay safe online. However, I wanted a more concrete way of assessing this.

I decided to take two approaches, the effectiveness of which I will analyse at a later date. The first was to write an E-Safety assessment that the chidlren complete in test-like conditions, either as a written document or using a Google Forms version. The other approach was to give the children a task to complete as a way to show off their knowledge.

This task involved two steps:

1. The children were asked to design a poster with as much E-Safety advice as they could. Before they attempted this, we discussed what features an effective poster should have.

2. When the children had finished their posters, they went into the app ‘Tiny Tap’ which is free. I was first introduced to this app by Lee Parkinson (@ictmrp). The children used the app to take a photo of their poster. Then, using the ‘Add Activity’ option, they added several ‘soundboards’ to their poster. These were either sound recordings offering extra advice or text labels that added extra advice. When this was completed, the children ‘played’ their posters and by tapping on the soundboard sections were presented with extra information. This enabled the children to include much more information than they would be able to include on a normal poster.



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