Appsmashing To Rebuild The Parthenon

Yesterday, I was working with a Year 3 class. Their history topic at the moment is Ancient Greece. They had already completed some geography work about Greece last half term so they knew a little about the context. As this was the start of their history work, I wanted to make a connection between the geography and history of Greece.

I showed the children some images of the Parthenon. We discussed what it was, why it might have been built on a hill, why it was built etc. Then we discussed what it might have looked like when it had first been built in the 5th Century BC.

The children located the Parthenon on the Google Earth app. The accessed snippets of information about it from the labels on Google Earth. Next, they went into Minecraft and set about the task of rebuilding the Parthenon as if it was intact both inside and out. They added what they thought the interior would have been like having learnt that it was built as  temple for Athena. They thought carefully about the construction materials they used, especially as they were effectively using what was available 2500 years ago.

Finally, they took screenshots of their creations and imported them into the Skitch app where they were able to label their creations with information they had learnt about the Parthenon and why they had chosen to include various items in the interior.

Here are some of the results which blew me away!

Photo 08-06-2015 10 39 58 Photo 08-06-2015 10 40 08 Photo 08-06-2015 10 24 22


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