App Smashing With Maps, Top Trump It and Pic Collage

Today I worked with one of our Year 3 classes. They are learning about different countries in Europe in their Geography lessons. I decided to make use of a great iPhone app (which also works on iPad) called Top Trump It. This is an app that I discovered on Lee Parkinson’s blog image

The app can be used to make Top Trump cards like the ones I used to play with in the 1980s! There is a limited amount of information you can put on the cards so you have to choose carefully. We decided to include population (in millions) , number of major cities and number of bordering countries. The children used Safari to find out the population of the country they were working on.

They then went onto the Maps app to examine which countries bordered their country and how many major cities there were. This whole activity resulted in discussion of very useful geographic vocabulary as well as the children using a combination of apps to achieve a goal as required in the computing curriculum. The final stage was to import their top trump cards into Pic Collage and add extra information that wouldn’t fit on the cards in order to extend their knowledge of their chosen countries

. image


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