Making Game Trailers

While browsing the excellent Lee Parkinson’s blog, I came across the idea of using the iMovie trailer facility to make game trailers. This made me think that I could use this in combination with the superb free app – Pixel Press Floors. This app allows you to create games by either designing them in the app or drawing them on a special sheet and scanning them into app.

Photo 01-05-2015 14 02 22

The results were fantastic (and veryaddictive)!

The children were already familiar with Floors so I set them to work as young game designers and they quickly produced some brilliant games. Then we talked about what we might incude in a game trailer i.e. how we could promote our games. This led to ideas such as including reviews from newspapers or gaming magazines (fictional) and exaggerated claims about the games.

Next, I demonstrated how to create a trailer in iMovie. Once tis was done, the children took a variety of screenshots of their game and imported them into iMovie. When they had enough screenshots, they built the trailers adding the persuasive devices we had discussed earlier.

Here are a couple of links to the finished trailers.


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