Measuring Angles Using The Olympics

This is an idea that I developed from one that I found on the excellent website. This website has lots of great practical and problem solving activities for maths.

The class teacher for the class I was going to be working with had been teaching the children about angles that week. As I had a set of iPads, I wanted to find a creative way of using the ipads to improve the children’s understanding of how to measure angles accurately. Rather than do this by measuring angles drawn on a sheet, I decided to use one of my favourite apps, Explain Everything.

First of all, I explained to the children how to measure angles using a protractor by demonstrating the process using the tools that are included with Smart. Then the children used the ipads to access the Olympic Games website This website has a photo gallery with lots of photos of athletes competing.

They chose a photo and imported it into Explain Everything. Once they had done this, they looked for angles in the photo and demarked them using the straight line tool. Finally, they used a protractor to measure the angle and record the measurements. Some children found multiple angles within the same photo, other chose new photos each time. The lesson really got an otherwise fairly reluctant maths group working very hard and imprving their understanding of angles.

Here are a few examples of their work.

EE_Image_240415-1005 220415-1216 220415-1217