Designing Social Media Apps To Teach E-Safety in Year 6

When children are in Year 6, they tend to start to dip their toes into the waters of social media. Sometimes it can be through sites such as Facebook or Instagram. Although Facebook has an age restriction of 13, I am not sure we can wait until then to teach children about how to be safe when using such sites.

As a result, today I taught a lesson with Year 6 where I asked them to design a social media app aimed at 10-11 year olds. They had to create a logo or icon and give the app a name. It was obvious from this that eh vast majority were well aware of the social media apps that currently exist as some of them used parts of the names of these apps to create the name for their own app.

After a discussion about the types of rules that they would want users of the app to abide by, they came up with a set of rules for using their app.This, in turn, led to a discussion about what restrictions they would put into their app to ensure that users used it in a safe way.

I was impressed with maturity of the responses the children gave and they clearly took the task seriously. It was also a good way to engage them in the topic of E-Safety and to get some very important messages across in a relevant context. The discussion about the dangers and safeguards of such apps as the lesson progressed showed that the children were getting the message.

Below are links to a few of the apps ‘created’ by the children.


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