Making Game Trailers Using Sketch Nation and iMovie

Sketch Nation is a fantastic free app where children can design their own games by drawing characters, backgrounds and platforms as well as adding sound effects, special effects and enemies. This app was first brought to my attention by Lee Parkinson. There are two modes – simple and advanced. As I was working with Year 5, I decided to use the advanced mode.

Screenshot 2015-03-22 20.49.57

After a brief demonstration of the app, the children set to work creating their own games, using their art skills. It is possible to draw on paper and import photographs of your drawings into the game that you are designing.

The children had used the trailers feature of iMovie the week before to create flipped movie trailers (another Lee Parkinson idea) so they were very familiar with the app. As a result, the next step for them was to take screenshots of their game being played and of the characters created for their game. They used these screenshots to create a trailer for their game in order to persuade others to want to play it.

Follow the link to view some of the finished results.


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