Using Lego and iMotion To Animate

A while ago, I decided to do some animation with Year 3. Many of the children in the class enjoyed playing with Lego at home and during break times. Therefore, I decided to use this as a stimulus for the animations. I also decided to use the iMotion app which is a free app and very easy to use which made it ideal for Year 3’s first attempt at animation.

First of all, we discussed how in the Lego video games, players often came across a pile of Lego bricks that could then be transformed into a useful object. This worked like an animation.

The children built things out of Lego then deconstructed them into a pile of pieces. Then they took photos of each small step of the construction process. When these were all put together, the children had an animated build sequence. Other tasks they animated included a race between two Lego constructions and animating movements of Lego-built creatures.

iMotion is a great app to use however now you could probably also use the time-lapse feature on the iPad camera.

The video below is a collection of some of the animations that the children created.

Lego Animations


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