Teaching E-Safety Using Vidra App

In my opinion, E-Safety is the most important aspect of the computing curriculum. Educating children about how to operate online safely is important as they spend so much time online out of our control. Also, the internet is a wonderful resource which when used safely can be very useful for children.

Last half term, I decided to do some work with the children about effective searching online. We began the session with a ‘Call My Bluff’ type quiz based around computing terms such as algorithm. I first asked the children to think about which of three definitions of the term was correct on their own. I then asked them to discuss it with a partner. Finally, I let them ask me for the answer if they were still not sure. This was to emphasise the point that when searching online, it is important to check more than one source.

After that, we discussed other ways that you could check the validity of information found on the internet such as comparing it to information in a book or asking an adult that you trust.

Screenshot 2015-02-19 22.03.56 Screenshot 2015-02-19 22.04.36

Next, I demonstrated the Vidra app to the children which is very easy to use. This lead to them creating explanation videos about how to search effectively online. Some of the children extended their videos to include other e-safety advice.

You can see some of the finished videos here:



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