Combining Tellagami and iMovie to Learn About Flooding in Geography

This term, our Year 5 classes are learning about rivers. An aspect of this topic involved them learning about why rivers flood and the consequences of this. I decided to use the Boscastle flood of 2004 as a stimulus for teaching the children about flooding.

To begin with, we watched some short Youtube clips that talked about the causes of the flood and showed the problems the flood created. The children made notes on whiteboards of key information framed by some questions I provided for them.

Armed with this information, they opened the Tellagami app. I was first introduced to this excellent app by Lee Parkinson (@IctMrP). With the app, you can create characters that you can add voice recordings to as well as selecting a background they are ‘talking’ in front of. The children saved ‘flood’ images  from Google Images searches. They then imported these as backgrounds into Tellagami. Next, they recorded the characters talking about the causes and consequences of the Boscastle floods.

Screenshot 2015-02-17 19.03.10

As we only have the free version of Tellagami, it is only possible to record up to 30 seconds of voice. Therefore, the children recorded a series of Tellagamis , saved them to Camera Roll and imported them into iMovie. The final step was to edit the iMovie by adding titles, soundtracks etc.

Screenshot 2015-02-17 19.07.47

See some of the finished results here :


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